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Thank you for taking the time to learn about our Foundation. As one of our 2023 goals we wanted to form a foundation. We weren't sure exactly what causes we would support, but we have always loved giving back to our communities. Well, as God always does, he showed us what would become very impactful and important for us in March of 2023. 

After a couple months of our son having some leg pain, we finally decided to have him checked out in December. From Doctor to Doctor and test after test, we finally had some answers, and not one that any parent ever wants to hear. Your child has a very rare, very aggressive form of Non-Hodgkins cancer, called ALK + Large B cell Lymphoma. As of the medical journals we have found, there have been only 9 documented cases in children in the world. Our lives immediately have been impacted as we have 6 children under 14 and have been a very active family. As we process all of the things to come, we have started chemo and will continue leaning on the medical professionals to guide us along the way.

So as fate would have it, we were guided to our cause, supporting other families going through the same journey.


As a foundation, our mission is to help children and their families from around the world feel a little relief with the overwhelming emotions and stress around this journey.

We will provide:

  • Basic support for daily needs

  • Assistance with applicable medical expenses

  • Community resources and connections

  • A network of other families who have underwent this scary and emotional journey of childhood cancer

  • An opportunity to host or support an event or fundraiser

Thank you for following our journey and helping those in a time of need. We appreciate you and look forward to the journey ahead.

If you, or someone you know, would qualify for our support, please complete the contact us page so that we may follow up.



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